Agents of SHIELD Friendship Weeks 2014



During the twelve week period from June 9 to August 31 2014, we will take one week each to celebrate one specific duo friendship with fanarts, fanfictions, edits, graphics, gifs, etc. Anything you like! Don’t forget to add the tag “#aosfsw” in the first six tags so we can see your contribution posts!

What Happens Now

To select the eleven specific friendships that will be spread over this period (the twelfth week is Team Bus), we are now opening up a poll for users to vote for the friendships (please make sure you can contribute to the friendship week of your choice before voting for it)! Vote now by filling out this Google Form. (Note: Votes from the previous #maosshipweeks poll will not carryover, so those who have already voted, please vote again) Voting closes on the day of the UK airing of Episode 1x22 of Agents of Shield. 1st June 2014. Final listing + weeks will be released on 2nd June 2014.

Some Polling FAQ

  • "Why didn’t you add friendship X"

Cuz there are only eleven slots but 15 friendships between the core members of the Bus alone XD and then there are the Coulson & Sitwell, Skye & Peterson, Ward & Garrett friendships etc to choose from. Hell, you can even go out on a limb and vote for Quinn & Hall (you guys remember that they were once friends, right? ;) ), or Gill & Dormer, if you so wish. If you have any headcanons about unlikely friendships like May & Hand, or even FItz & Weaver, BY ALL MEANS try your luck at the polling form :P

  • "Once the friendship pairs have been chosen do I have to participate in all twelve weeks?"

Of course not! You choose the weeks you want to participate in. We only ask that you not tag any ship hate for a specific friendship week if you dislike the pairing, especially since this event is not about the romantic side of the pairings but the friendship side.

  • "None of my favourite friendships were chosen for the final eleven. How can I still participate?"

Do not worry! There is a twelfth week marked as “Team Bus” week, in which the entire Team Bus is celebrated! Preferably during this Team Bus week, all six of the main characters should be included; other characters can be included in relation to The Team.

  • "What’s the purpose of these weeks?"

To make it easier for fans while awaiting Season 2 of Marvel’s Agents of Shield! And, of course, to have some fun and get those creative juices flowing, especially for unfamiliar friendships you’ve never attempted to fan work before!

  • "Can I write the friendship pair as a romance?"

Absolutely not! I also discourage ANY indication of romance, pre-ship, or sexual attraction in either the primary friendship duo or any background characters in the fanworks. Please keep all works strictly platonic. Part of the reason I switched from #maosshipweeks to #aosfsw is to shine the focus of this fandom back on the wonderful platonic friendships and familial love between the characters in this fandom. We should stand together in love, not be torn apart by jealousy.

  • "I don’t understand this or that"

If you have a question, just message me here, and I’ll try to help you out.


Special credit goes to olympiandemigods, who created #pjoshipweeks for the Percy Jackson series, upon which the #aosfsw is based.

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